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Nothing people seem to like more than pretty blonde women wearing panties, thongs and not much else...

I'm a brunette; but I can why beautiful blonde girls in panties might cause a sensation...

But on this blog, while I will try to have a blonde model or babe wearing panties, I have no trouble with a hot redhead or creamy brunette in a tiny thong...


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Monday, May 30, 2005

Black Cotton Panties

black camisole panties
click for larger image

A pretty girl with blonde highlights wearing a black camisole and lovely black panties with scalloping leg trim...a night on the patio??

White Cotton Panties for Summer

white lace tap panties
click for larger image

What a pretty, feminine, camisole and tap panties set in a pure, thin, white cotton. Innocent, sexy, perfect....

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Lingerie by Fabrege...Panties of the Golden Rose

tatiana korsakova golden rose panties
click for larger image

Tatiana Korsakova proves that blondes can be very exotic in her golden rose panties and bra set.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Meghan Douglas does summer in white panties

meghan douglas white panties
click for larger image

Meghan Douglas gives sleek, simple, cotton panties an eye catching interpretation in this shot...the blond highlights are so summery...

Soft, Copper Blonde in Pretty Panties

lilac bra and panty set, blonde
click for larger image

If I was to be a blonde I think this is the colour hair I'd want. If for no other reason than it goes so well with this lilac bra and panties set...

Friday, May 27, 2005

Kelly Brook's Black Panties

kelly brook black panties
click for larger image

Kelly Brook demonstrates just how pretty a matched bra and panty can look...And, yes, I know Kelly isn't blonde...so sue me!

Blue Lace Boycut Panties...

blue boycut panties
click for larger image

A pair of jeans and a pair of perfect blue lace boycut panties, rough with the smooth for this young girl...

Thursday, May 26, 2005

White Lace Panties at the Beach

white lace panties
click for larger image

A great outfit for a private beach...sheer white lace panties and matched coverup...

Ali Bastian's white panties

Ali Bastian panties
click for larger image

Ali Bastian looks comfortable and sexy in these white panties and her man shirt...

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Pretty Blonde Thong Girl

pink thong, blonde
click for larger image

This beautiful blonde girl's smile is all about how pretty her yellow and pink thong make her look...Lovely

Pink Panties

click for larger image

Barely there panties and swimsuits for more daring young girls make some sense...especially for a blonde and tanned babe who likes the attention.

Blonde's bodysuit's thong

white thong bodysuit
click for larger image

Adriana has her body suit nearly off, now this pretty blonde looks as if she is wearing a thong...
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Alexandra Ines,
white panties

Alexandra Ines, white panties
click for larger image

Alexandra Ines wears a smile and a pair of tiny white panties....